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If you want to buy the best brands from foreign countries for cheap and sell them with high profits, you are the place you are looking for. Medical products, especially products from world renowned manufacturers of Turkey on the official distributor, we are sending you directly with domestic sales prices. You are free to compare the prices you receive from us with any location. You will see our difference! Due to our presence in Southeast Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and our very low cost shipping to Asian countries such as Iran, are available nearby.

Our Vision and Mission

Our mission is to deliver products to countries close to us at the cheapest possible prices from our own country and to gain new business partners. We are importing products from our partners for Turkey in the coming period.

One Team, Many Talents

We have achieved many works and successes with our team so far. We have taken our place among the important export companies of the Southeast region and we owe this success to our happy customers.


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We are here for our friends and customers in neighboring countries and we will continue to exist and develop. Your friend in Turkey is always with you.

New Product Founder

If the product or brand you want to import is not in the portfolio, let us know and help you at export consultant.

Border Paperwork

We do free consulting in the process of paperwork you make an import in Turkey. Lets contact us and enjoy your work.

10+ Years Experience

Our happy customers know us best
  • New Product Founder
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Import Consulting

manufacturers to you for a turkey imports from outside the company or factory we can find our portfolio.

Smart Follow System

We inform you of the current status of your orders every day by e-mail and make a difference with the estimated arrival time.